Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Upper Pine Fire River Fire Protection District is an ALS transport agency.  The district operates a two tiered response system with a paramedic quick response vehicle and two transport ambulances staffed 24/7.  A third ambulance can be placed in service on a short notice. 

Ambulances with EMTs are strategically placed within the district and can be on scene providing immediate care and life saving interventions prior to the paramedic vehicle arriving. If the patient needs advanced life support the paramedic accompanies the ambulance to the hospital. In advance life support is not required the EMTs attend to the patient.  This results in lower cost and better utilization for the paramedic vehicle making it available for the next emergency. Approximately 60% of the calls are handled by EMTs with IV skills or EMT intermediates.   

Ambulance operations provide over $250,000 in revenue to the district.  All full-time staff and 80% of the part-time firefighters are trained as Basic Emergency Medical Technicians and certified at the National level.  The district has four part-time firefighter paramedics and the Deputy Chief and Chief are also paramedics.  Ambulances are stationed in Bayfield, Forest Lakes and Vallecito.

The district has a goal to have an ambulance on scene within 8 minutes or less in Bayfield, Forest Lakes, Vallecito and in other areas in 12 minutes or less in the remaining areas 80% of the time

EMS providers are nationally certified and are required to complete 72 hours of EMS continuing education every two years.  The district partners with local colleges and the Children's Hospital of Colorado to offer simulation training. 

The district provides CPR training and injury prevention education.  The district is state certified to provide continuing education for EMTs and First responder.

The District personnel are involved in leadership roles in the Colorado State EMS Association, Regional Trauma Advisory Committee and the National Association of EMT’s, the National Association of EMS Educators, and the National Academies of Medicine.  

Several district personnel are part-time faculty at Pueblo Community College and San Juan College. 

Doctor Todd McGrath D.O. is the district medical director and oversees the medical quality improvement program.  Dr. McGrath is also a physician at Mercy Regional Medical Center.